Reflect, learn, apply

Join EMBAC’s community of innovators as they offer their insights, best practices, and easy-to-apply takeaways.

The 2021 EMBAC Conference features concurrent sessions with EMBAC members who share their expertise and experience on a variety of topics – all relevant to the professional development of EMBAC members.

Concurrent sessions
Block 1
12:30-1:20 PM, Monday, Oct. 25 (Eastern Time)

Weathering the Pandemic – What We Learned and How We Changed / Colette Feldges and Steve Thompson, Northwestern University

Weaving Knowledge: Empowering Indigenous Business Leaders / Alexia McKinnon and Dara Kelley, Simon Fraser University, and John Borrows, University of Victoria

C+M=$: Coaching and Mentoring Students to $uccess / Dan Cornely and Rudy Molinet, Florida Atlantic University

Leveraging Career Resources in EMBA Admissions & Recruitment / Erika Elaine Glander, University of Virginia; Lisa Thomson, Duke University; and Nita Swinsick, and Diana Banks, Georgetown University

Scaling Up Value Creations: Rethinking Your Student & Alumni Engagement / Jacopo Brian Gazzola, ESCP Business School

Block 2
2:00-2:50 PM, Monday, Oct. 25 (Eastern Time)

Designing CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business Hybrid EMBA / Lori Seward and Nate Wright, University of Colorado Boulder

Adjusting to Emerging Enrollment Trends: EMBA 2021 & Beyond / Toby McChesney, Santa Clara University; Monica Powell, University of Texas at Dallas; Lawrence Murray II, Fordham University; and Michael Alexander, Texas A&M

High-Velocity Workshops for Job Seekers: Adrenaline Infused! / Dee Kane, Northwestern University

Embodying DEI – The Continuing Journey of UCLA’s EMBA Program / Tom Larsen and Jada Black, UCLA

E(Women's)MBA: Creating a Gender-Friendly Environment / Juli Clay and Lila Westmoreland, Brenau University

EMBAC Research Insights / Brian Mahoney, Percept Research, and Jeffrey Petty, HEC Lausanne UNIL

Block 3
1:00-1:50 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (Eastern Time)

Incorporating Institutional Identity Within Your EMBA Brand / Francis Petit and Liza Wynns, Fordham University

Using Innovation to Shift Student Expectations / Mary Grey Jacobson, Lisa Thomson, and Meg Flournoy, Duke University

What Has COVID Changed Forever? / Joe Stephens, University of Texas at Austin; Gonzalo Freixes, UCLA; and Ivana Belamaric, IE Business School

Leveraging Resources Across Working Professional Programs / Emma Hayes Daftary and Mark Gorenflo, University of California, Berkeley

Diversity Equity & Inclusion – The European Retro/Perspective / Arnold Longboy, London Business School; Karol Vieker, Stockholm School of Economics; Bettina Kosiel, University of Oxford; and Patricia Carnicero, IE Business School

Block 4
2:00-2:50 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (Eastern Time)

EMBA Design Options: Program Differentiation Implications / Stan Harris, Auburn University

Admit Your Mission / JR Risner, University of California, Irvine, and Randell Hernandez, University of Washington

An Impactful & Immersive Experience Using Virtual Reality / Nola Wanta, Kelly Watson, Casey Joseph, and Ellen Ensher, Loyola Marymount University

Meeting Changing Expectations of EMBA Career Services / Deborah Matson, New York University

Empowering to Address Discrimination and Cultivate Allyship / Eric Moy, Vanessa Martini, and Emeric Kennard, University of California, Berkeley

Corporate content sessions
Block 1
11:30 AM-12:00 PM, Tuesday, Oct. 26 (Eastern Time)

Can Global Business Immersions Survive in a COVID World / Laura Varela, Austral Education Group; Josh Nupp, Harvard Business School; Peder Greve, Henley Business School; and Jeffrey Davis, Rochester Institute of Technology

Updates from the Field: EMBA Challenges & Opportunities / Steven Taylor, BusinessCAS by Liaison

Stealth Prospects: Your Secret to Increasing Applications / Anthony Campisi, Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions (GPRS)

Attention: Safe Study Programs Ahead! / Eliska Jaros, Ivana Motylova, and Lucie Mlejnkova, International Study Programs

Enhance Virtual Study Abroad With Historical/Cultural Films / Phil Agbeko and Osa Imohe, Hilltop Global Group

Doing More With Less: Marketing EMBA Programs With No Budget / Alex Baranpuria, Ivy Exec

Caution: New Executive Skills Required / Mike Lord, The Washington Campus

Go or No-Go Decision Framework for Planning Global Programs / Lora McFadden, Kim Burchfield, and Alex Leik, WorldStrides

Block 2
12:30-1:00 PM, Tuesday, Oct. 26 (Eastern Time)

Learning to Doing to Being / Angela Lindberg and Dolly Womack, BetterUp

Diversity in Leadership: 5 B-Schools Address the Challenge / Barb Singer and Paul Velasco, Executive Core

How Do Your Prospective EMBA Students Choose Where to Apply? / Molly Gerth, Financial Times

Hybrid Travel Programs – Experience the Best of Both Worlds / Cori Swords, Kuoni Tumlare

Key Findings from a Survey of Prospective Grad Students / Aaron Mahl and Scott Jeffe, RNL + Converge

Returning to Travel – Lessons for EMBA Programs / Eric Ostermeier and Katie Nyberg, Southbridge Access, and Mike Grojean, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

How AI is Accelerating Career Transitions / Neerja Bharti, GeniusMesh

A Focus on Asia sessions
1:10-2:10 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (Shanghai time)

Insights from EMBAC Research: An Asia and Global View / Michael Desiderio, Executive Director, EMBAC

2:10-2:40 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (Shanghai time)

Networking Break/Sharing Session

2:40-3:40 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (Shanghai time)

New Technology Adoption in EMBA & Post-Graduate Programs: Challenges & Opportunities (panel discussion) / Joo-Seng Tan, Nanyang Business School, NTU Singapore, moderator; Professor Tai-Yuan Chen, HKUST; and Mr. Danny Bielik, Regional Director, APAC, Insendi

3:40-3:50 PM, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (Shanghai time)

Sharing of Key Takeaways / Michael Desiderio, Executive Director, EMBAC