Marketing and admissions perceptions
Research Entry Survey

What other programs did students in your entering class consider? How do your program’s features compare against those other programs? What communication channels work most effectively in reaching your prospective students?

Answers to those questions can help Executive MBA Programs make the most of their marketing strategies and budgets and strengthen their admissions processes. The EMBAC Student Entry Survey offers programs a cost-effective way to survey students as they enter the program and gather that key information.


Use Student Entry Survey results to:

Measure the perceptions and expectations of your newly admitted students
Gauge the effectiveness of your current marketing and recruitment strategies
Target areas for improvement in your marketing and admissions efforts
Capture competitive ratings of programs that students in your entering class considered
Compare your results against those of similar programs

To register for the survey, visit your school portal.


Participating programs can choose from one of the following packages.

Monitor Decision Package: This package includes descriptive quantitative statistics and a summary of verbatims for your cohort.

Roadmap Decision Package: The most popular choice, this package includes descriptive quantitative statistics and summary of verbatims for your cohort and also allows you to identify where to allocate resources for the greatest impact on improving your program’s quality and benchmark your performance against industry trends and peers.

Guidance Decision Package: This package incorporates all the features of the Roadmap Decision Package, plus an in-depth analysis and synthesis of internal trends, key drivers, and benchmarks summarized into data driven recommendations to guide program success.

To learn more about these packages, visit

For other report options, contact Percept Research through your school portal or via


The web-based survey is easy for students to complete and programs to use.

You will receive e-mail instructions about submitting student e-mail addresses. You will choose the dates of the survey invitation and reminder e-mails, as well as the end of the survey fielding for each of your programs. All surveys must be completed by Oct. 31. Contact Percept Research through your school portal for more information.