2021 EMBAC Virtual Conference

Plenary Sessions

Influence: The ultimate power tool
Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., bestselling author and thought leader in the fields of influence and persuasion

Searching for the HERO inside: The role of psychological capital on mental well-being
Frank Magwegwe, Ph.D., Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria

Dean's panel
Francesca Cornelli, dean, Donald P. Jacobs Chair of Finance, and professor of finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; Sharon Hodgson, dean, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario; and Christina Soh, dean and Goh Tjoei Kok Professor in Business, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

Be the EMBA pipeline of corporate diversity
Lori Costew, chief diversity officer and people strategy, Ford Motor Company; Ramona Hood, president and CEO of Fedex Custom Critical®; and Barbara Singer CEO, Executive Core

EMBASSADORS: Alumni as a positive force in society
Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim, chief equity officer and executive director, One Atlanta: Mayors Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, City of Atlanta®; Fabiana Bentes CEO, Sou do; and Tim Gocher, founder and CEO, Dolma Fund Management

What’s the data say: Looking back while looking forward
Elmer Almachar, senior director, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Discover tomorrow: What learners want, what employers want, and what it all means for business schools
Andrew Crisp, co-founder, CarringtonCrisp

Concurrent Sessions

Weathering the pandemic – What we learned and how we changed/ Colette Feldges and Steve Thompson, Northwestern University

Weaving knowledge: Empowering indigenous business leaders / Alexia McKinnon and Dara Kelley, Simon Fraser University, and John Borrows, University of Victoria

C+M=$: coaching and mentoring students to $uccess / Dan Cornely and Rudy Molinet, Florida Atlantic University

Leveraging career resources in EMBA admissions & recruitment / Erika Elaine Glander, University of Virginia; Lisa Thomson, Duke University; and Nita Swinsick, and Diana Banks Georgetown University

Scaling up value creations: Rethinking your student & alumni engagement / Jacopo Brian Gazzola, ESCP Business School

Designing CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business hybrid EMBA / Lori Seward and Nate Wright, University of Colorado Boulder

Adjusting to emerging enrollment trends: EMBA 2021 & beyond/ Toby McChesney, Santa Clara University; Monica Powell, University of Texas at Dallas; Lawrence Murray II, Fordham University; and Michael Alexander, Texas A&M

High-velocity workshops for job seekers: Adrenaline infused! / Dee Kane, Northwestern University

Embodying DEI – The continuing journey of UCLA’s EMBA Program / Tom Larsen and Jada Black, UCLA

E(Women's)MBA: Creating a gender-friendly environment / Juli Clay and Lila Westmoreland, Brenau University

EMBAC research insights / Brian Mahoney, Percept Research, and Jeffrey Petty, HEC Lausanne UNIL

Incorporating institutional identity within your EMBA brand / Francis Petit and Liza Wynns, Fordham University

Using innovation to shift student expectations / Mary Grey Jacobson, Lisa Thomson, and Meg Flournoy, Duke University

What has COVID changed forever? / Joe Stephens, University of Texas at Austin; Gonzalo Freixes, UCLA; and Ivana Belamaric, IE Business School

Leveraging resources across working professional programs / Emma Hayes Daftary and Mark Gorenflo, University of California, Berkeley

Diversity equity & inclusion – The European retro/perspective / Arnold Longboy, London Business School; Karol Vieker, Stockholm School of Economics; Bettina Kosiel, University of Oxford; and Patricia Carnicero, IE Business School

EMBA design options: Program differentiation implications / Stan Harris, Auburn University

Admit your mission / JR Risner, University of California, Irvine, and Randell Hernandez, University of Washington

An impactful & immersive experience using virtual reality / Nola Wanta, Kelly Watson, Casey Joseph, and Ellen Ensher, Loyola Marymount University

Meeting changing expectations of EMBA career services / Deborah Matson, New York University

Empowering to address discrimination and cultivate allyship / Eric Moy, Vanessa Martini, and Emeric Kennard, University of California, Berkeley

Corporate Sessions

Can global business immersions survive in a COVID world / Laura Varela, Austral Education Group; Josh Nupp, Harvard Business School; Peder Greve, Henley Business School; and Jeffrey Davis, Rochester Institute of Technology

Updates from the field: EMBA challenges & opportunities / Steven Taylor, BusinessCAS by Liaison

Stealth prospects: Your secret to increasing applications / Anthony Campisi, Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions (GPRS)

Attention: Safe study programs ahead! / Eliska Jaros, Ivana Motylova, and Lucie Mlejnkova, International Study Programs

Enhance virtual study abroad with historical/cultural films / Phil Agbeko and Osa Imohe, Hilltop Global Group

Doing more with less: Marketing EMBA Programs with no budget / Alex Baranpuria, Ivy Exec

Caution: New executive skills required / Mike Lord, The Washington Campus

Go or no-go decision framework for planning global programs / Lora McFadden, Kim Burchfield, and Alex Leik, WorldStrides

Learning to doing to being / Angela Lindberg and Dolly Womack, BetterUp

Diversity in leadership: 5 B-schools address the challenge / Barb Singer and Paul Velasco, Executive Core

How do your prospective EMBA students choose where to apply? / Molly Gerth, Financial Times

Hybrid travel programs – Experience the best of both worlds / Cori Swords, Kuoni Tumlare

Key findings from a survey of prospective grad students / Aaron Mahl and Scott Jeffe, RNL + Converge

Returning to travel – Lessons for EMBA Programs / Eric Ostermeier and Katie Nyberg, Southbridge Access, and Mike Grojean, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

How AI is accelerating career transitions / Neerja Bharti, GeniusMesh

Focus on Asia Sessions

Insights from EMBAC research: An Asia and global view / Michael Desiderio, Executive Director, EMBAC

New technology adoption in EMBA & post-graduate programs: Challenges & opportunities / Joo-Seng Tan, Nanyang Business School, NTU Singapore, moderator; Professor Tai-Yuan Chen, HKUST; and Mr. Danny Bielik, Regional Director, APAC, Insendi

EMBAC conferences

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1995   Navigating the Future of the Executive MBA: Strategy, Technology, and Operations (Seattle)

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1997   Prepared to Lead in a Global Environment (Montreal)

1998   Seizing the Initiative, Best Innovations and Practices in the Executive MBA (Scottsdale)

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2002   Scaling New Heights: Educate, Network, and Inform (Keystone, Oct. 12-15)

2003   Inspired Leadership: Create, Compete, Communicate, Collaborate (Atlanta, Oct. 18-22)

2004   Building Bridges, Creating Connections (San Francisco, Oct. 30-Nov. 2)

2005   Dare to be Different (Barcelona, Oct. 30-Nov. 2)

2006   Navigating in a Sea of Change (Baltimore, Oct. 21-24)

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2020 Transforming (EMBAC Virtual Conference, Oct. 26-28)
2021 Community of Innovators (EMBAC Virtual Conference, Oct. 25-27)
2022 Austin, Texas, Oct. 16-19