Choices abound
  • Private video chat
  • Speed networking
  • EMBA world networking
  • 40th Anniversary Jam activity
  • Hot topic breakout conversations

This year, the 2021 EMBAC Virtual conference offers more opportunities for you to network and connect with others.

Want to talk privately with a colleague or friend or maybe meet new colleagues and new friends? Are you interested in discussing industry issues in a small group? Think that it might be fun to work with others on an activity?

If so, as a conference participant, you can reach out to others in all those ways.

Networking up close

One-on-one chats and group meetings

For those who want to arrange some one-on-one conversations with their peers, the Hop In platform makes it easy to connect. Want to add more to the conversation? You can invite up to 19 participants for a private meeting.

Visit the scheduling one-on-one meetings page for step-by-step instructions to set up a private chat.

Note to participants: Someone may want to talk with you! Keep an eye on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A red dot appears when another participant sends you an invitation to a private chat or meeting. Click on the red dot to view and accept or decline the invitation.

Speed networking

Looking for a more spontaneous networking experience? Ready to make new connections? Good! You will have the chance during speed networking times scheduled throughout the conference.

Here’s how it works: At designated speed networking times on the schedule, click on the “Networking” icon on the left side.  A message will ask you if you want to participate in the networking breaks. Say yes. The platform randomly assigns two participants together for a private, three-minute chat. When the three minutes are over, you will meet a new participant for another three-minute introduction. Enjoy this fast-paced way to connect with others.

EMBA world networking

This 30-minute session focuses on celebrating the diversity of EMBAC members, who come with different backgrounds from regions throughout the world.

Participants will receive several icebreaker questions to help prompt four-minute one-on-one conversations with a total of five or six other participants. See how big the EMBA world can be and enjoy meeting new colleagues from a variety of locations and with a variety of experiences.

Special events

As part of this year’s conference, these new events also support networking through small group activities.

40th anniversary jam

2021 marks EMBAC’s 40th anniversary, and as part of the opening session, EMBAC will pay homage to its past, present, and future. And along the way, breakout group participants will work together on an EMBAC trivia activity. Members of the winning group(s) will qualify for a drawing where one lucky recipient will receive an exciting prize. Meet others! Reminisce! Have fun!

EMBA industry insights & hot topic breakout conversations

After a brief update on the state of EMBAC and the industry, join a breakout group for facilitated conversations with your peers on one or more of the following topics:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Share DEI efforts at your school and learn what others are doing to support DEI in recruiting and staffing and in the classroom.
  • Marketing and Recruiting: Discuss best practices and challenges in reaching prospective students in the working professional space.
  • Hybrid/Blended Learning: Examine the current and future of hybrid/blended learning.
  • Curricula Innovation: Talk about changes you have made or anticipate making to your curriculum and discover what your peers have done and plan to do.
  • Coaching: Explore the state of coaching in programs and how it might evolve during the next few years.
Do it all

Why miss out on any opportunity to meet and share? Try everything: private video chats, speed networking, EMBA world networking, 40th Anniversary Jam groups, and hot topic breakout conversations. With more than 400 conference participants, you are sure to expand your network and bolster your resources.