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Find friends and colleagues
  1. Private video chat
  2. Networking breaks
  3. Virtual Soiree

Rest assured, just because the 2020 EMBAC Conference moved online doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to talk to your peers.

In fact, the 2020 EMBAC Virtual Conference offers three ways to connect with other conference participants – those you know and those you haven’t yet met.

Knowing the value of networking to members, especially the networking that occurs at the annual conference, EMBAC selected the virtual conference platform that maximized networking opportunities.

The opportunities that follow are three formal ways to network. Remember, you always can connect to one another via live chat anytime you are within the Hopin platform.

Private video chat

During any session, including plenary sessions, you can invite another session participant to join you in a private video chat.

As a start, you can scroll through the list of participants in the PEOPLE tab on your screen, find and select the participant, then send them an invitation to come to the chat room. You both must click on the link in the invitation to open the chat room, and then you will be connected. When you are done, you both can return to the session.

Note to participants: Keep an eye on the envelope in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A red dot appears when another participant sends you a private chat invite. Click on the envelope and the link to accept the invitation.

To see how the private video chat works, check out this video demonstration.

Networking breaks

Ready to meet new colleagues from throughout the world? Good! You will have the chance during the networking breaks that are scheduled throughout the conference.

Here’s how they work: You will note a message asking you if you want to participate in the networking breaks. Say yes. The platform randomly assigns two participants together for a private, three-minute chat. When the three minutes are over, you will meet a new participant for another three-minute introduction. Enjoy this fast-paced way to connect with others.

Virtual Soiree

Continue the conversations at Wednesday’s Virtual Soiree, which gives you one last chance to both connect with others and share with others what you learned during the virtual conference.

During the event, nine participants will appear onscreen, including a graphic scribe, who will translate what participants say into an illustration that ultimately will visually show the conference takeaways that participants mentioned. Cool to see that happen, right?

Well, in addition to contributing your thoughts and watching it all unfold, you also can spend some time in a private chat with another participant. One more chance to connect before the conference ends!

Try all three

Why miss out on any opportunity to meet and share? Try all three methods of connecting. With a record number of participants, you are sure to expand your network and bolster your resources.