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Commitment to DEI

Commitment to DEI

In 2020, EMBAC took several steps to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within the EMBAC community and throughout member programs.

As one action, the board ratified changes in its core statements that reflect its commitment to inclusion and diversity. 

In another important step, EMBAC formed an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Committee with the aims of bringing members together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that DEI issues pose and to share DEI strategies and actions with each other.

New DEI resource

With its many complexities, the DEI journeys of organizations vary – some just beginning, others with implemented strategies, practices, and processes to affect change and measure outcomes, and many in between.

The EMBAC I&D Committee has conceived and developed a list of questions to help members and non-members alike with their DEI journeys. Available for download below, DEI Questions to Consider provides a series of questions as prompts to aid your exploration and implementation of DEI within your organization.

EMBAC and I&D Committee members hope the Questions to Consider helps move forward their goal of generating conversations that increase the probability of positive change. Please use this resource within the relevant frame of reference for your geography and culture.



EMBAC also wants to continue improving this tool, making it even more useful and meaningful to programs, schools, and organizations. You can help.

Please share with EMBAC and its I&D Committee stories of how you have leveraged the tool, how it has helped, and what changes could improve the tool.

Just email your thoughts, suggestions, and other feedback to EMBAC Executive Director Michael Desiderio.