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Industry insights

Great news for EMBA grads! The 2021 EMBAC Student Exit Survey revealed that EMBA graduates received a 14.7 percent increase in compensation – combined, both salary and bonuses – after program completion.

In addition, 36 percent of students who completed the survey received a promotion during the program and 49 percent reported increased responsibilities during the program.

“Exit survey data consistently shows great outcomes for alumni, such as salary increases and promotions, as well as high levels of satisfaction,” says Michael Desiderio, EMBAC executive director.

The average salary and bonus package at program start for students in the 2021 survey was $166,549. By the end of the program, the average salary and bonus package rose to $190,989.

EMBAC conducts the survey to track the perceptions and opinions of EMBA Program graduates and to help measure the return on investment of the degree. The survey included 1,247 students from 48 EMBA Programs, primarily based in the United States.

EMBA graduates also reported high levels of satisfaction with their EMBA experience, including the program quality. They are likely to recommend their program to a colleague or friend and also to support the program as alumni.

  • Average age: 38.2 years
  • Average years of professional work experience: 14.1
  • Average years of management experience: 8.9
  • Percentage of female students: 33.4
  • Percentage of programs that offer scholarships or fellowships: 59.5
  • Percentage of students who received full sponsorship: 15.2
  • Percentage of students who received partial sponsorship: 28.5
  • Percentage of self-funded students: 56.2
  • Percentage of programs that offer an international trip: 43
From the 2021 EMBAC Membership Program Survey