Many faces to greet and meet

The 2022 EMBAC Conference features sessions with EMBAC members who share their expertise, experience, and best practices. The concurrent sessions are organized in six blocks over two days, Monday, Oct. 17, and Tuesday, Oct. 18. Start planning the sessions you want to attend now by reviewing the list below.

Admissions, Marketing, Diversity, Career Development, Coaching, Capstone Experience, High-Impact Teaching, Technology, Leadership, Research, International Experiences, and more...
Concurrent sessions

Monday, Oct. 17

Block 1 / 1-1:50 PM

Career Celebrations – Your Swiss Army Knife Multi-Tool / Rachel Todd and Kit Alderdice, University of Oregon

Touchpoints After Admissions: Addressing the Need for Connection and Information / Roberta Johansen and Veronique Tran, ESCP Business School

Stereotype Threat: Exploring Racial Consciousness Through Inquiry and Reflection / Karen Henry, Xavier University

A Data-Driven Approach t0 Marketing Online Business Programs / Scott Jeffe and Charles Ramos, RNL, and Whitney Smith, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Block 2 / 2:10-3 PM

Driving Innovation, Impact, and Stakeholder Engagement: The Power of Immersive Capstone Experiences / Jennifer Wiess and Jeff Kudisch, Villanova University, and Gerald Suarez, University of Maryland

High-Impact Teaching Practices for the EMBA Classroom / Kevin Walsh, Ph.D., and Melissa Shew, Ph.D., Marquette University

(Re)Balancing Act – Increasing Female Enrollment Post-COVID / Kim Randall, Western University

GMAC Presentation / TBA

Block 3 / 3:30-4:20 PM

Drinking from the Firehouse: A Guide to Helping Students Help Themselves / Geoff Miskinis and Becca Souza, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

From Zoom to the Room / Sara Lynn Ianni, Cornell University

Organizational Leadership Paradigms: Conscious and Integral Leadership for Our New World and New Executive and Management Education / Laura Rojo, IE Business School

De-Mystifying MBA Rankings / Matt Turner, UT-Austin McCombs School of Business

Tuesday, Oct. 18

Block 4 / 1:30-2:20 PM

Insourcing Your Digital Marketing for Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Performance / Brian Connelly, University of Notre Dame

Alpha to Omega – Helping Build Success from Start to Finish / Debi Mundell and Mitch Swanger, Washington State University

Diversity in the EMBA: Seeking Stability through Diverse Recruitment and Curriculum Design / Rebecca Diemer and Lisa Beauchene-Lawson, University of New Mexico

Designing EMBA International Experiences That Achieve Business School and Corporate ESG Goals / Giselle Ramos and Rafael Furtado, Austral Education Group, and Abbey Hartgrove and Barbara Ostiedek, Rice University

Block 5 / 2:40-3:30 PM

Research Session / TBA

The Great Pivot / Neerja Bharti, GeniusMesh Corporation

LinkedIn and EMBA Alumni Engagement / Francis Petit and Liza Wynns, Fordham University

Succeeding With Hybrid Programs / Idola Olazar, BI Norwegian Business School

Block 6 / 4-4:50 PM

A New Model for Inclusive Leadership Coaching: Interactive Feedback Reports for Dynamic, Focused, and Personalized Learning Online or In-Person / Randall Peterson, London Business School, and JoEllyn Prouty McLaren, TalentSage

Leveraging Alumni in Admissions Interviews / Joanne Legler, Yale University, and Nita Swinsick, Georgetown University

Leadership Shift: From “Telling” to “Coaching” / Barbara Millar, University of Virginia

Managing the Hot Moment You Didn’t Plan For / Daniel Turner, University of Washington